Parish Pastoral Council

Role in our Lives

Each parish in the Dublin Archdiocese is required to have a Parish Pastoral Council. The PPC  is responsible for building a vibrant Christian community that promotes the gospel values of Love, Justice and Peace and for assisting the Parish Priest in the proper management of the parish.

In Beechwood parish

The Parish Pastoral Council consists of the Parish Priest,  Parish Sister and up to eight parishioners. The Council reflects on the needs of the parish in areas such as:

  • Liturgy
  • Hospitality and Outreach
  • Faith formation
  • Youth
  • Communications

The council supports the liturgical and pastoral ministries and guides them in fulfilling their duties. It also sets out policies for the parish and develops the outreach ministry.

Current Parish Pastoral Council members :

Chair: Anne Dollard, Committee: Fr. Paddy Boyle P.P., Sister Teresa McAllister, Pat O’Connor, Philip Daly, Fr. Joseph Doran, Anita Fitzgibbon, Norin Fanning,  Anne Carthy, Mona Byrne, Sr Brid, Lynn Brosnan.

How parishioners can help

Each parishioner has a responsibility for the building of a Christian community. The council seeks to be guided by the needs and views of as many parishioners as possible. The council members serve a three year term and new members are required each year.

If you need to contact a parish council member you may leave a message in the Parish Office.

“Let us listen to what all the faithful say, because in every one of them the spirit of God breathes”. St Paulinus of Nola.